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☽ Shaman ☾

Excerpts from the book “Shaman, the wounded healer” by Joan Halifax, anthropologist, and Zen teacher. Each of them refers to a basic aspect related to the figure of the Raimon Arola Edition and Lluïsa Vert.chamán. Raimon Arola Edition and Lluïsa Vert. Original illustration inspired by readings on shamanism, magic and poetry from some tribes in Central Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Además y sobre t«In addition and above all, the shaman is someone who can travel through his magical flight through an invisible axis mundi to ordinary mortals to bring together the three worlds that make up the entire universe. The shaman joins the visible with the invisible, hell with heaven, and, in these trips, he talks with the spirits, which inhabit these areas, and acquires their wisdom.»

Garra Illustration. Icons.